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Enterprise Visual Recognition System Renewal




      In November 2011, enterprises began to import the Enterprise Identification System (CI). As an important guarantee for the future core competitiveness of enterprises, at the beginning of the design of Visual Identification System (VIS), the way of inviting bids to professional design companies and multi-project candidates was adopted. After extensive solicitation of opinions from various branches of the enterprise and careful selection of experts from the "Evaluation Committee", a design element composition scheme based on the initials "C" of "Costar" in the enterprise English as the creative basis, combined with the traditional Chinese culture of Pu-Yu shape and track-like opening was finally determined. The pattern has strong visual recognition and rich cultural connotations. It has the sense of enterprise development and oriental charm from the point of view of fonts and shapes. A reasonable system design can be recognized by customers in today's globalization.


      After the logo was confirmed, the working group drafted the enterprise visual recognition system in accordance with the normative and practical principles, compiled the manual of the visual recognition system, and issued the Notice on Promoting and Implementing VI Manual in the enterprise system. Starting from March 2012, the new corporate logo will be fully promoted in the system, and gradually show the style of the enterprise in customers and society.