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Warmly celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of costar Corporation




COSTAR integrates R&D, production, sales  technical services.Electronic welding materials (flux, cleaning agent, solder paste, tin bar, tin wire, etc.)Three anti glue materials (resins, UV, polyurethanes), thermal conductive materials (heat conductive silicone grease, heat conducting gel, thermal conductive gaskets, etc.) are the main products.The company was registered founded in June 2003. With the rapid development of time, Costar ushered in its fifteenth birthday in the fierce market competition.

In the past fifteen years, under the leadership of the company's leadership team, we have grown step by step. We have established Suzhou Costar Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Costar Technology Co., Ltd., Chuzhou bosong electronic materials Co., LTD, Hangzhou Kangtaier Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Costar. New Materials Co., Ltd., Chuzhou Costar Manufacturing and Manufacturing Base and local offices. The company has a group of research and development talents such as doctors and graduate students represented by Ma Xin and Ye Juncai and a high-quality market development team. It has formed a number of star products such as flux, three anti-adhesive, high thermal conductivity thermal grease, etc. Sold at home and abroad. The company has been assessed by the government as a national high-tech enterprise.

Over the past 15 years, we sincerely thank all employees for their hard work,  all customers  friends for their support  help. COSTAR will make all partners "the star of the joint interpretation", Let the company and employees, companies and customers, companies and society achieve a win-win situation! In the future development path, we will not forget the initial heart, and move forward to make greater contributions to the green electronic assembly industry!

To celebrate the company's fifteenth anniversary, the company arranges all employees to travel to Mount Tai to enjoy the splendid  spectacular sunrise of Mount Tai, which promotes mutual  comprehension among colleagues, enhances friendship, sharpens will, greatly improves the cohesion  centripetal force of the company, everyone will devote more enthusiasm to future work.