Scaling powder
FD-208 Series
rosin flux  

Products passed the inspection and certification of authoritative organizations such as SGS, Saibao, CTI, etc.


Compliance with EU RoHS Directive and REACH Regulation


Halogen-free products conform to EN14582 test standards, and their corrosiveness and electrical safety can meet IPC J-STD standards.

FD-208 Series
J-STD-004 Sort

Computer, Power Supply and Home Appliances Products

Computer, Power Supply and Home Appliances Products


Environmental friendly lead-free halogen-free flux

Environmental friendly lead-free flux


FD-208 series flux is refined from imported high purity rosin by special process.


It has excellent wettability and welding aid effect.


It can form a uniform protective film on the welding surface to prevent the erosion of moisture and other harmful substances and has high insulation impedance.


The above product specifications, parameters and testing standards are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the product specifications issued by our company.

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